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"There is a great sense that there is just no answer to this problem," Altman added. When Koula Chumley and her husband paid $25,000 for a four-bedroom split- level 35 years ago, it was an investment in family. But Chumley's children have families of their own now, she's widowed and is counting on that same house -- worth much more -- to ease life in retirement.

Chumley, however, is not selling. She's one of a small but growing number of older homeowners opting for a reverse mortgage, an arrangement that allows seniors to borrow against the equity in their homes. It gives seniors ready access to money without having to make monthly payments, and the loan doesn't have to be repaid as long as they continue to live in the house.

"I thought now is the time," said Chumley, who is 78, and is using the arrangement to pay off the old mortgage on her Odenton, Md. home, help with monthly bills, update a bathroom and make plans for travel to Europe. "So far, so good. Life is good, and I hope to stay healthy to enjoy some of it." Conveyancing process is performed by expert conveyancer to make profit in your property transaction process. And also by hiring conveyancer you will be able to remove your stress that is involved in the process of property transaction whether it is buying or selling a property.

Reverse mortgages are still largely unknown to many seniors, but they are gaining in popularity. And lenders are eyeing the potential for an even larger market as millions of baby boomers, less skeptical than their parents about relying on debt, approach their 60s.

The number of federally insured reverse mortgages has risen from fewer than 8,200 in 2001 to 21,600 last year. At the current pace, the number should almost double this year to nearly 40,000, industry executives estimate.

Reverse mortgages can be difficult to understand, and the arrangements vary widely, but all stem from Congress' 1987 vote to start a government-backed loan program to let older homeowners more easily tap the equity in their homes. Borrowers must be 62 to participate. Make yourself tension free by hiring expert conveyancing service from expert conveyancing company which has reputed name in the field of real estate.